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polsko-angielski i angielsko-polski PRAKTYCZNY SŁOWNIK TŁUMACZĄCY w sieci

About LexiTools

Website: www.lexitools.org


  • free, online database with direct access,
  • multimedia (text, voice, images),
  • multi-word expressions (conjunctions, compounds, linking phrases, idioms, permanent structures, pre translated chunks, phrases with prepositions etc.),
  • any phrases which you cannot find in standard, printed dictionaries or glossaries,
  • examples of whole sentences in square brackets […],
  • entries up to 70 characters,
  • very practical: real informal language, entries taken from life,
  • most up-to-date Polish-English dictionary.

Number of entries: over 63.000, some 65% compounds.

Subjects: tourism and travels, accommodation, transportation, diseases, employment etc. Any kind of problems, troubles, critical situations, accidents, health problems (where precise knowledge of English is of importance).

Source language: Polish.

Phrasebook like: allows building sentences even for those without basic knowledge of English. You simply add one phrase to another and so on in order to build whole sentences.

Audio clips and TTS: pronunciation of English words (www.allwords.com) and speech synthesis (Festival).

Graphics: each entry is illustrated with Google Images (in most cases the online images make sense).

Integration: fully integrated with Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox.

Updating: entries can be updated online on daily basis. Special software permits to add and modify existing entries at any time.

Michał Tasiemski (lexicography): tasiemski@tenar.pllexitools@neostrada.pl.

Jerzy Wawro (software): jurek@tenar.plwww.tenar.pl